Avantgarde is a business coaching and consulting practice that assists small and medium sized businesses with their business growth. Avantgarde works with SMEs that are growing, and need some structure to support their growth, a clear vision for the future, and a culture that will help them get there.

Avantgarde works on referrals, with only happy clients referring new ones. If you are looking at this website, chances are that someone you trust has referred you to Avantgarde.



Business Coaching

To bring structure, definition and clarity to the business

HR Consulting

For businesses in need of  guidance and expertise

4 Day Work Week

We specialise in implementing the four day work week

About Us

Founded by Olivia Dumaille, Avantgarde works across her two favourite cities, Perth and Paris. A native French speaker, Olivia is fluent in English as well as business, and cross-pollinates the best business initiatives from the two hemispheres.

A HR professional with a Masters degree, she has worked in corporates in France before her journey took her across the world to Australia.

She has added qualifications in coaching to her skillset, pursing her passion for developing people and working with amazing individuals.

Business coaching has allowed Olivia to engage with small businesses, using her skillset and experience to assist them with their business structure so they can grow, and develop their most valuable asset, their people.

When she is not coaching, you’ll find her hiking, practicing yoga and looking for great food experiences. As a keen traveller and now sharing her heart between France and Australia, her business is a wonderful opportunity to work with people from different horizons.

What Clients Say

Sabine Albers

Founder – Sabine Albers Photography


“As a business owner I always felt it was all up to me, working with Oliva felt like I had a business partner to run idea’s and decisions by. I no longer felt the pressure that everything depended on me. Committing to regular business coaching has helped me see my business in a new light and successfully improved my day to day challenges and gave me a new    focus for my business. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Oliva and highly recommend any business owner to experience a new and refreshing outlook on running a business.”

Olie Back

CEO – Elemera


“Olivia has been massively helpful to us in getting our new systems implemented by streamlining the decision-making process, working through the clutter of issues and ideas, and creating a clear and attainable pathway to work toward as a group. I am very glad we engaged her to assist us to grow our business.”

Julie Bellinge

Managing Director – The Brand Foundry


“I first needed assistance with recruiting an employee for my business. Not only did Olivia satisfied all my needs, she also helped me figure out exactly my personal needs and the needs of my business. I also had time more time to focus on my business which was a definitely needed at this time too.”

We provide guidance for established businesses who need clarity and want to engage with an effective coach.

Our clients are businesses that have grown or want to grow but are experiencing a few issues, like…


  • They are feeling disorganised – not sure who does what in the organisation –
  • They are eager to grow – but uncertain about what the next step is –
  • They are overworked – putting in too many hours –

Business Coaching

To bring structure, definition and clarity to the business.

  •   Having a clear vision to move towards and a culture that will help you get there
  •   Organising your people so you have the right skills and you know who does what
  •   Having clear and defined processes to support your business growth
  •   Running regular and efficient meetings
  •   Monitoring key data and KPIs that drive your business
  •   Addressing issues early before they become too big and disrupt the business

HR Consulting

For businesses in need of  guidance and expertise.

Generally around a specific topic such as:


  • Recruitment
  • Onboarding
  • Role design
  • Performance review
  • Succession plan
  • Training.

4 Days a Week

Leading the Way

The way we work and engage with each other has changed significantly through COVID. Work from home, digital meetings, no commutes, and the ‘great resignation’ are just some of the changes that we have all experienced in the past three years. Employee engagement and retention has become paramount, as employees reconsider the way they want to live their lives. Employers are grappling with ways to remain relevant through flexible work practices, and want new solutions to maintain productivity, while retaining those that produce.

A new trend is emerging in developed economies, particularly post COVID, that allows for a shift to a four day work week. Engaging your employees in the possibility of working a four day week without sacrificing productivity might just be the answer you’ve been looking for.

We specialise in implementing the four day work week, through a proven process that builds employee engagement and buy-in, drives retention, and may even lift productivity.

Let us guide you to new way of working as a leading organisation, not a lagging one.